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The Holy Spirit is moving in Africa and church growth is high but the rate of ignorance in the church is alarming. At HOI LAGOS our assignment is timely and important. There is a great need for a minstry dedicated to awakening, missions and training. Nigeria is a huge country.

Today it is the seventh most populous in the world and among the top oil exporter in the world. Nigeria dominates Africa both politically and culturally. It has three times the population of the next populous African country. Nigeria’s reputation both for good and for ill is a frequent by-word even as far-flung points on the other side of the globe. It is a country that cannot easily be ignored.
Virtually no one, however, expected this ascendance 50 years ago. The even bigger surprise is that Nigeria now ranks as one of the leading nations that will shape the future of global Christianity.
Phillips Jenkins, in his book The Next Christendom, wrote “in 1900, the lands that would become Nigeria had around 16 million people, rising to 150 million today, and probably to around 270 million by 2050.” Jenkins then noted that “from being a thinly populated outlier on the edges of the Muslim world, Nigeria is increasingly a key player in that realm just as it is in the emerging world.” Many others have joined Jenkins in talking about the impact of West Africa in shaping Christianity not just in Africa but beyond. The need for and significance of HOI LAGOS becomes clearer when seen in this context.

President Asbury Theological Seminary Timothy Tennent claims that the global epicenter of Christianity since its inception continues to move closer and closer Nigeria. The global epicenter for Christianity is the invisible point from where there are an equal number of Christians in all directions north, south, east and west. When Yeshua rose from the dead the global epicenter for the Christian faith was Jerusalem. But as Tennent shows, the epicenter gradually shifted as Christian growth north and west of Jerusalem outpaced its growth to the east and the south. By 1500AD the global Christian epicenter was near Vienna, Austria, in northern Europe. Christianity has become predominantly a northern, European and white man’s religion.
That began to change after 1500 AD. As the modern missionary movement advanced the epicenter moved south and eventually also west. The massive movements of Christianity in the south in the last 100 years in Latin America, Asia and especially Africa drove the epicenter south. At the same time massive movements to Christ in the eastern hemisphere (especially China, but also India and elsewhere) brought the epicenter in our own day onto the African continent and into West Africa. This explains why, as Tennent suggests, the global epicenter of Christianity by the end of this century will likely move from its position in Mali to somewhere in northeastern in Nigeria.


There is great certainty that Africa will set the agenda for worldwide Christianity in this century.
At HOI LAGOS our focus strongly is on providing leadership training that affords people the opportunity to be established in Messiah. HOI must be a strong training ground for future generations. One of the strong merit of HOI LAGOS is its ability to dream big dreams and to passionately partner with YeHoVah for their realization.

Nigeria is the sevetnth most populous country in the world, three times more populous than any other country in Africa. The Christian growth in Nigeria has been nothing less than astounding.

HOI must capitalize on the already built “Christian” platform to educate Nigerians on the true gospel of the Kingdom. HOI is a movement of YeHoVaH that will produce tens of millions of new Messianic believers . We are standing in the heart of a great move of YeHoVaH that is almost without precedent in the history of the world.


To focus ministry in Nigeria is to partner with YeHoVah to shape a continent. If you look at Nigeria with natural eyes many are quick to see only turmoil. But those with prophetic eyes see a center stage for worldwide revival. We hope everyone understand the real challenges of ministry in a place like Nigeria. While the West is learning how to be faithful in the sunset of a great move of God. In Nigeria, they are learning how to be faithful in the sunrise of a great move of God.

The real issue as we look at Nigeria we ask ourselves what is the real need of Nigeria? What kind of leaders do we need”? And therefore what type of ministry plan should we develop? How can HOI LAGOS serve as a powerful catalyst for continental revival? How do we put spiritual formation and missions in the heart of what I do? HOI offers the answer.

Africa is the only continent in the history of the world to become majority Christian in one century, and the bulk of the growth took place after 1950. Today Nigeria stands out as the “Giant of Africa.” Among the 55 African nations Nigeria is by far the most populous; its Christian growth is outstanding. In short, we have walked into the center of one of the greatest movements of Christianity in modern times.


Christianity in Nigeria is one mile wide and one inch deep. If we can produce disciples with deep spiritual depth Africa has a hope of transiting from darkness to light. YehoVah’s call is for us to never relent until we see revival.

The RIGHT discipleship Training Model

If we succeed is making disciples after the model Yeshua used then Nigeria can be rescued. This will require the correct equipment. I Believe that Arthur Bailey has laid the groundwork for this to happen. Presented below, is an Accredited 2 Year Discipleship Training Program, designed to “Equip The Saints” and Make Disciples of the Nations”

This Accredited 2 Year Discipleship Training Program is produced by Arthur Bailey Ministries International and presented at House of Israel International. 


Our vision has always been fueled by a hunger for a continental revival. This we believe is what HOI NIGERIA is called to be- a carrier of continental revival. We say this not simply with excitement but with a weighty sense of responsibility. This we believe is our life’s work. Walter Buhlman, in his recent book, The Coming Third Church noted that the West has the financial resources for world evangelization but lacks spiritual vitality and sacrificial will to match it. Africa, by contrast, has spiritual vitality, sacrificial will and manpower to take the message of Messiah Yeshua to the ends of the continent and beyond, but can only adequately bring it to pass when Western resources are brought into cooperation.

To focus ministry in Nigeria is to partner with YeHoVah to shape a continent

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