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28 blessings of Deuteronomy

- 1 + ADD TO CART In this 4-DVD teaching, Arthur Bailey summarizes the 28 Blessings of Deuteronomy 28, and identifies and expounds on what these blessings look like in our day and time. You will learn.. $30 for purchase within Nigeria


$45 shipping costs applicable to International orders


$45 shipping costs applicable to International orders


Fasting for Power

Fasting for Power Throughout the New Testament and certainly in the Old Testament fasting was a lifestyle. This teaching will encourage a lifestyle of Fasting and Prayer. From the opening chapters...


The Power of A Divine Encounter

This brand new book by Revivalist Ndubuisi Eke is the essential guide for your journey from complacency to power, to challenge your sense of comfort in God, to step out into unknown territory of divine encounter and to help you get to your best life yet. This book is for all those who are no longer willing to settle in what has been before, and for those who are willing to step out into unknown territory – the time is now. The Church that will be remembered tomorrow is the church that is powerful in words and in deeds. Those whose face sees His face will never fear the face of men. As Dean Wine has said, “The Power of a Divine Encounter will be a refreshing change from the same old religious rhetoric that you find in so many different ministries today. You will be driven with holy fire to seek God like never before.” Click link for more information



The longing in the hearts of many people is for human acceptance. Millions of people wander around with a low self-worth, intimidation, and insecurity. Their lives have become a shadow of themselves; they feel they are not good enough. Many are putting on the façade of false humility because they fear the rejection and disapproval of man. Many people don’t even know who they are anymore. Many of such captives are serving under intimidating leadership, as a result they have lost their voice, they have been stripped of their coat of many color. They are like the story of a man who went to a cemetery and saw three graves. On the first grave was marked: the fear of man. On the second grave was written: men pleaser. And on the third grave it was boldly written in red: human approval. He asked, what does this mean. And the voice behind him said, “These men died never fulfilling their destinies. They lived for what other men will say about them.”